Title: “LIFE”
Through time and human cultures, water has been used to symbolize the sacred value of life.
Waterfalls symbolize the process of letting go and the constant flow of energy and life.

In an effort to alleviate the social separation during this trying time, I have decided to create a community united by one common image. When I made this image, I felt an intense connection between nature and humanity, and I wish to invite you to experience the same. This image is free for you to download, print, and place in a prominent area of your home. Whenever you see this image, know that everyone else in this community has the same image and is present and holding you in this space.

May this image be a resource for connection and love.

Please join other community members in expressing your experience with the image in the comments section below.

This piece is FREE to download for a limited time as we fight COVID-19, after which a percentage of sales will go toward those affected by COVID-19. This image is copyrighted and commercial use is prohibited.

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