Lu Ross at Laguna Beach

My art is a fusion of my vision and the landscape. As I travel around the globe and gain inspiration from a myriad of settings, I continually research, plan, and capture the beauty I see in both wilderness and urban locations. I normally shoot at sunrise and sunset, when colors peak in their vibrancy, and I study how the light interacts with the landscape. Once the image speaks to me, I capture the moment.

Elements of atmospheric conditions, such as fog, rain, falling snow, splashing water, and rainbows evoke the mystical dynamic of nature.
I look for contrast, complementary colors, relationships, repetitive forms, and negative and positive space, all of which elicit in me an emotional connection to nature. It’s this feeling of closeness and unity with the world around me that I want to share with you. I want you to experience oneness with creation.

Even though being in the field requires technical precision, the RAW image is merely the canvas from which I continue my creation. Back in my lab, my post-processing work focuses on highlighting the life within the image before it goes to print. While my representational art captures the greater beauty in the world that surrounds me, my abstract collection aims to highlight the magnificence found in the fine detail of each element.

A large number of my pieces are representational, yet I have fallen in love with abstracts in both nature and man-made structures. I seek and explore the fine elements in the wilderness, as well as small remnants of textures, shapes, lines, and color in the urban world formed by natural decay. There is fantastic abstract art in the natural world if only one looks closely.



Explore my portfolios Nature Photography and Abstracts in Nature.


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