“Coastal Bliss”



Color and Nature are two important factors that affect our well being and healing. At the core, color is energy, and this energy elicits emotional responses. But can color heal? Color has power because light stimulation activates and resonates with specific emotional states in the brain. Research has found that in general, we associate colors with different emotions. Different colors are perceived to mean different things.

  • BLUE is associated with openness, space, contemplation, focus, and serenity.
  • GREEN is associated with renewal, openness, peace, prosperity, and tranquility.

At home or in your office, you may want to include blue in the décor. It not only calms and stimulates creativity, but it can encourage focus. Try a combination of pastel green and blue colors in rooms where you want to relax after a stressful day.
If you’re feeling a bit off-center go out in nature or surround yourself with green things. Green connects us to the spiritual center, and brings our attention to the heart, alleviating stress and letting worries fade away.

When you are decorating your home consider the effect of each color and what you want to feel in each room.

I have included some of my images of nature, which feature the colors blue and green. These colors can bring joy and calm when designing a space.


“Standing Guard”

Ancient cliffs in the Hawaiian Coast stoically take the continual pounding of the waves that carve the passing of time.

“Coastal Bliss”

Big Sur, along the coast of Northern California, has been called the “longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States”. There are stunning views, redwood forests, hiking, and beautiful beaches. Let this piece transport you to Big Sur whether you have been there or not!

Kauai, Hawaii
Dana Point, California

“Secret Cove”

This enchanted cove is hidden along the cliffs of the Kauaian Coast. While hiking along the coast of Kauai, this cove revealed itself in all its splendor as I came around a steep corner, inspiring me to capture this magnificent moment.


In this piece, the sun setting on the ocean creates a sublime scene that transports you to a world where you get lost in the vibrant colors and the spirit of the sunset.

Lake Tahoe, California


In this piece, the reflections on the calm waters of Lake Tahoe, California are reduced to an abstract of color and shapes that play with your imagination.

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