“Painted Leaves”


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald


Autumn symbolizes a shift. Summer days turn cool and crisp. The cooler weather in October brings a change in the foliage with an exuberance of fall colors. The green color disappears and the maple trees glow red, orange, and yellow. The aspen trees glitter with golden hues. The wind rushes through the colorful autumn leaves leaving the fallen ones to sprinkle the earth like a beautiful crimson and golden carpet. October is a month of painted leaves.

Seasonal changes remind us to embrace what’s new in our lives and to let go of the past. Many of us have been forced to change work environments from working in an office to working at home. It’s a good time to consider a change in your personal space with a touch of fall color. Bring the beauty of fall to your walls and experience the autumn colors at home or share this gift of nature with that special someone on your holiday list!

In an effort to capture the true spirit of autumn I travel every fall to capture the kaleidoscope of colors that nature provides.
From acrylic face-mounted prints to wrapped canvas and metal prints, our display options accommodate all types of styles.

Click on the image for more information and bring the joy of the fall colors to your space.

Fall in Vancouver, Canada


The thick forest in Stanley Park, British Columbia, becomes a kaleidoscope of color during the fall season.

Sierra Nevada, California

Fall in the Sierras

Fall color in the Sierra Nevada arrives around September and peaks through October. Did you know that temperature and moisture determine the leaf color intensity? Brilliant colors are the result of warm, dry days and cool nights; while rainy days and warm nights mean less intense coloration.

Stanley Park, British Columbia

“Enchanted Forest”

This enchanted forest in British Columbia revealed its golden colors in all their splendor against the evergreen background. As I strolled along, these striking colors inspired me to capture this magnificent moment.

Alta Lake

“Fall Memories”

The fall colors enhance this very peaceful moment at Alta Lake in Whistler, Canada.

Eastern Sierras, California

“Golden Path” 
The Eastern Sierras in California gives us the gift of golden colors for a brief time during the fall season. The multiple hiking paths become a glorious escape into nature.

Heaven on earth, Canada

“Fall in Love”

The town of Whistler, British Columbia, is one of the largest ski resorts in North America. It’s not only a magnificent place during the winter but spring, summer, and fall also provide endless adventures. The fall months offer relief from extreme weather and a fantastic display of fall colors.


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