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Capuchin Monkeys.
There are 9 different species of Capuchin monkeys and they are highly intelligent animals.
They look like tiny Spanish Capuchin monks with their white faces, dark brown robes and hoods on the heads, hence their name Capuchin Monkeys.
They have intricate societal structures, practice a variety of complex behaviors and are notorious for their innovative gestural repertoires.
They rub plants over their bodies, potentially as medicine; defend themselves with sticks against snakes; play games by passing one another sticks and stones, and engage in weird “bond-testing” rituals that involve sticking their fingers in one another’s noses and eyes.
Learning about the small details of other, nonhuman primate societies reminds us that we are not the only species on this planet that has emotions, personalities, friends, enemies, and social drama.
Best of all, capuchins are fast learners, capable of picking up new feeding and social behaviors by watching other members of their species.


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